Our staff
◾Claire-Lise Blum Buri | Manager
I have been working in the real estate business for more than forty years. Being a native of Rougemont, I know my village well and realise that it has much to offer to visitors that is exceptional. In this way it is easy for me to make the link between temporary and permanent residents so that each and everyone is enriched.

◾Mary-José Henchoz-Yersin | Assistant
Mrs Blum Buri offered me the chance to work in her agency in the spring of 1998 and at the same time gave me the possibility to remain in my beautiful village which I should hate to leave…! And so I have been working for more than twenty years at Mrs Blum Buri’s side and she has taught me all the ins and outs of the real estate business; The motto of our agency is “a small agency offering great services” and I am proud to be part of it.

◾Aurélien Fiaux | Apprentice
Having started my apprenticeship in August 2017, I have privilege to perform my formation within a Professional and dynamic team, the whole in a splendid region.

◾Marine Seydoux | Apprentice
Having already completed a training as a house painter, it is as a commercial employee that I am pursuing a second apprenticeship in Mrs Blum Buri's agency.