We offer complete or partial management which can be adapted to your needs. We put our experience at your disposal so that you can enjoy your secondary residence without the worries of management, administration and bookkeeping. If, among the services we offer you, an essential matter does not figure in your opinion or if you would like more information, we shall be happy to have a discussion with you. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
So that you can make the most of your holiday home, we can take over the following tasks for you :

◾Reception and treatment of mail
We can collect and deal with your mail as instructed by you. A secondary residence entails receiving mail from local and cantonal administrative bodies, insurance companies etc.

◾Control, settling of invoices and annual accounts
On your instructions, we will settle bills such as taxes, telephone and electricity. All particular invoices will be submitted to you for agreement before being paid. At the beginning of each year we will draw up a list grouping all the invoices we have paid for you.

◾Management of your insurances, taxes, etc.
We can take care of your portfolio of insurances and your different tax matters.

◾Reception and payment of rent, costs, etc.
We can make sure that the rent is received if your property is let and take care of its general management in accordance with your instructions.

◾Heating fuel orders
We are responsible for the management of a large number of chalets and thus obtain preferential prices which our clients can in turn benefit from.

◾Supervision of your property and its installations
It is always delicate to leave a chalet without supervision for long periods. If you entrust us with your property, we will make weekly or monthly visits to check that everything is in order. In winter, with the risks of freezing, we make sure that the heating is working and that your property will not be damaged by the frost.

◾Supervision of caretaking services
We make sure that your caretaker is carrying out his/her work correctly in your absence, that the grass is cut regularly, the flowers watered, etc..

◾Organisation of your arrivals and departures
You wish to arrive in a clean, well heated property in the depth of winter. We organise cleaning services during which we air and dust all the rooms. We put on the heating the day before your arrival and when you leave, we also organise cleaning so that everything will be in order for your next visit.

◾Can I request only one of these services ?
Yes, you can entrust us with only one of the services outlined above and each one can be adapted to your personal needs