Our experience of the real estate market in and around Rougemont is an advantage for our clients. In fact, the relationship of confidence we have created over the years with our commercial partners, the local companies and inhabitants of the region makes it possible for us to be informed constantly of the state of the market. We have excellent contacts with the agencies of the Pays-d’Enhaut as well as with a certain number in the Saanenland. You can be sure that potential buyers of your property will be rapidly informed that it has been put on the market. Have a look at the standard contract and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for personal advice.
◾I would like to sell my property, what is the procedure ?
We compile a sales dossier with photographs and a description which we send without delay to our clients susceptible of being interested in your property.

◾Can I get in touch with another agency at the same time?
It is unnecessary since we automatically distribute the sales dossier to the other agencies in the region. All potential clients will be informed that your property has been put on the market.

◾Who decides on the selling price?
Our wide experience in selling mountain residences enables us to estimate the value of your property in the best possible way. We know the value of land in the region and follow the fluctuations in the market. The definitive selling price will, of course, be submitted to you for agreement and it is you who decides on the final value.

◾How long will it take to sell my property?
If the price you have fixed is correct and is adapted to the regional market tendencies, your property will be sold quickly. However, if the price is too high, the length of time before a sale is completed is difficult to estimate and can take much longer.

◾Can I sell my property furnished?
You can sell your property furnished without any problem.

◾Must I provide for a margin of negotiation?
It is preferable to fix a selling price as close as possible to the market value. However, a lower offer from potential buyers should always be expected.

◾Will you always be present during visits by potential buyers?
Yes, we never let clients visit properties unaccompanied.

◾In the case of a rapid sale, must I be present at the signature of the act of sale?
No, you are not obliged to be present. If everything is in order with the solicitor, you can act by proxy.

◾Who takes the final decision on the sale of my property?
Only you can validate the final contract.

◾Can I change my mind about my decision to sell?
Yes, you can change your mind as long as no contract has been signed.

◾What is the rate of tax on the profit of a sale?
Tax is calculated according to a sliding scale based on the years of possession.

◾I would like to sell my property discreetly; is this possible if I use your agency to do so?
If this is your wish, we can manage the letting of your property within our agency and the offer will not be accessible to a wide public. (no publication on our internet site or in our mailings). Thus you can be assured of a certain degree of confidentiality.