what you need to know

You would like to buy a property in Rougemont or in Gstaad valley; you will inevitably have to contact the following institutions

Real estate information

Solicitor’s office to prepare the deeds ;

Solicitor’s office
Pierre-Bermane Favrod-Coune
La Place
1660 Château-d’Oex
Tél. 026 924 64 75
Fax 026 924 64 77

L’Association des Notaires Vaudois (ANV) l’Hôtel-de-Ville 8
1040 Echallens
Tél. 021 881 32 64
Fax 021 886 33 10

Tax office to calculate the taxes to be paid on your future property or on the profit if you decide to sell:

Office d’impôt (Tax office)
du district du Pays-d’Enhaut
Bâtiment commual
1660 Château-d’Oex
Tél. 026 557 30 00
Fax 026 924 50 87

The local banks for mortgage loans;

Banque Raiffeisen du Pays-d’Enhaut
Succursale de Rougemont
Place de la Gare
1659 Rougemont
Tél. 026 925 80 44
Fax 026 925 89 91

Banque Cantonale Vaudoise
La Ray
1660 Château-d’Oex
Tél. 0848 808 880
Fax 026 924 24 45

SB Saanen Bank
3792 Saanen
Tél. 033 748 46 46
Fax 033 748 46 56

Banque Cantonale Bernoise
3780 Gstaad
Tél. 033 748 74 44
Fax 033 748 74 45

Crédit Suisse
3780 Gstaad
Tél. 033 748 97 97
Fax 033 744 62 21

Union des Banques Suisses
Hauptstr. 780B
3780 Gstaad
Tél. 033 748 85 11

Infos Rougemont

  • The construction of the chalets which you can admire in our valley is of very high quality. The building firms in our region have acquired an exceptional expertise over the years. In Rougemont, buildings are submitted to strict regulations and exterior eccentricity is not permitted.
  • In winter the roads and pavements are cleared of snow early in the morning by the Commune’s workforce in order to guarantee optimal security.
  • Our region is safe and peaceful. You can enjoy a moonlight walk through the village in complete security.
  • The Swiss ski and snowboard schools of the region propose activities for all ages and all levels. Qualified competent teachers will look after your needs.
  • A network of day and evening baby-sitters gives you the opportunity for time to yourselves free of worries. The Tourist Office is at your disposal for all information on this service.
  • Several firms in the region offer cars for hire. In addition, the valley has an excellent train and bus service.
  • You can easily rent skis, boots, sticks and other equipment from the local specialists who will be happy to advise you judiciously.
  • A cleaning service exists to look after your chalet or apartment during your stay. We have an excellent working relationship with a number of cleaners in the region with whom we work regularly.
  • You wish to organise a move, transport or deposit of furniture? We shall be happy to advise you on the matter.
  • Rougemont has an excellent reception for mobile telephones and ADSL (Internet).

Our advice :
If you visit during the winter, your vehicle should be suitably equipped: scrapers for the windows inside the car and snow tyres.