If you decide to let your property to others, the benefits you reap can only be optimised on the condition that you respect a number of essential points. As an owner you have certain responsibilities and the administration of your contacts with your tenants must have a perfect legal base. Immoflor will willingly advise you on all questions relative to letting and can also propose a wide range of services. Do not hesitate to contact us, we shall be very happy to advise you.

What are the advantages of contacting Immoflor ?

We like to maintain our relationship with faithful clients whom we know well and who have shown their confidence in us. We take in hand the whole process of letting and organise the supervision of the accommodation concerned. Thanks to our experience, the returns you receive for from letting your property will be optimal.

What should I do with my personal belongings when my property is let to others?

We advise you to lock away your personal belongings. The inventory is checked systematically on tenants’ arrival and departure. However, we would recommend you not to leave any objects of value in view.

If damage is caused during a let, how is this settled?

Eventual damage is covered by the guarantee which corresponds to 30% of the rent. This sum is paid by the tenant at the signature of the contract

What are my obligations to tenants?

Your apartment must be clean and in working order. The normal aging of your property necessitates regular upkeep so that damage due to ordinary wear and tear cannot be blamed on tenants.

How does your agency proceed when a potential client has been found ?

We give you information concerning the client and you give us your final agreement as to the duration of the let and the price asked before the definitive conclusion of the contract.

Can a let be cancelled?

If the contract has been signed by both parties, the let cannot be cancelled. We always suggest to tenants that they should take out cancellation insurance.

When is the amount of the rent credited to my account?

The total amount including rent, costs and payment of possible damages is paid into your account at the end of the month following the departure of the tenants.

What risks do I take in offering my property for rent?

Damages can never be excluded, even if all precautions have been taken and compensated (example: a stain on a fitted carpet will be cleaned by a specialised firm but a mark may perhaps remain)

I would like to let my property discreetly; is this possible if I use your agency to do so?

If this is your wish, we can manage the letting of your property within our agency and the offer will not be accessible to a wide public. (no publication on our internet site or in our mailings). Thus you can be assured of a certain degree of confidentiality.